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Three Greatest Obstacles to Hearing God & How to Overcome Them

The greatest asset that I have found in my leadership toolbox is divine direction from God. No leader knows all, so there is an imperative need for a greater source of knowledge, wisdom, courage, and compassion that we must tap into as leaders. Inasmuch, there is no greater liability to a leader than being unable […]

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How to Conquer Inbox Overwhelm for the Final Time

I love opening my email inbox! Each message is like a little treasure in an unopened box. But, honestly, I haven’t always felt that way. Currently I maintain five, yes, five email accounts. Because of my involvement with a couple of organizations, my personal account for family, and my business accounts, they just add up. […]

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You may have noticed I’ve been MIA

I haven’t been very noisy or very visible lately, but I have been very, very busy! I am excited about the brand new community that I am creating for ladies in leadership. I’ve been researching, dreaming, planning, and of course, praying! But mostly, I’ve been peaking from behind my computer begging for more coffee and snacks, so […]

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