Five Ways Leaders like You can Secretly Mentor Anyone

Many times you as the leader can see the promise in someone before they realize their own potential, and often before they are ready to invest in themselves through mentoring. And, let’s be honest, sometimes we face resistance to mentoring even when it is much needed. When I began my career as an educator, I […]

Three generations of mentoring: Mentor Regenna, Me & Mentee Lorin
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Three Greatest Obstacles to Hearing God & How to Overcome Them

The greatest asset that I have found in my leadership toolbox is divine direction from God. No leader knows all, so there is an imperative need for a greater source of knowledge, wisdom, courage, and compassion that we must tap into as leaders. Inasmuch, there is no greater liability to a leader than being unable […]

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How to Conquer Inbox Overwhelm for the Final Time

I love opening my email inbox! Each message is like a little treasure in an unopened box. But, honestly, I haven’t always felt that way. Currently I maintain five, yes, five email accounts. Because of my involvement with a couple of organizations, my personal account for family, and my business accounts, they just add up. […]

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